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#310 Taiwan

Thank you Changliann!

Private Swap - Finland

Yummy card from Finland!Thank you Minna!

#309 Spain

Typical Barraca Valenciana.Gracias Irene!

#308 Finland

A postcard from Finland showing clothes and weapons used during Middle Ages. Thank you Maarit!

Private Swap - Poland

Krynica Morska is a town and coextensive municipality on the Vistula Spit in northern Poland with 1,364 inhabitants (2006). It received town rights in 1991.Krynica Morska is the main tourist destination on the Vistula Spit. It has the smallest population of any urban commune in Poland. Because of the inclusion of mainly rural areas of the spit within its boundaries, it has the lowest population density of any town in Poland, with 11.74 persons/km². (source)Thank you Mirek!