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#338 Finland

A cute springtime card from Finland!

Love the stamps!

Thank you, Sari!

Private Swap - Maldives

A flag card from the Maldives!

Red: recalls those who have sacrificed their lives in defense of their county.
Green: peace and prosperity
White: Islam

Thank you, Mohamed Ali! 

Private Swap - USA

A beautiful map card of Vermont, the Green Mountain State!

Thank you, Allison!

Private Swap - Indonesia

Greetings from Indonesia card!

Great stamps!

Thank you, Shinta!

#337 USA

An official Postcrossing card from the USA featuring am In Our America flag.
In response to the 2016 election, a group of Portland, OR women decided to support an era of activism, democracy, and resistance. They are Nasty Women Get Shit Done PDX.
 Beautiful stamps!

Thank you, Sue!

#336 Germany

A 56-meter high brick tower on the North Sea island Wangerooge. It hosts a youth hotel at the moment.

 Love the Peanuts stamp!

Private Swap - Slovakia

A beautiful postcard from the Low Tatras mountain range.

Thank you, Denisa!

Private Swap - Ukraine

A touristic map card of Ukraine!

Thank you, Alona!

#335 USA

An official Postcrossing card from the USA.
Montpelier, home of President James Madison, Father of the Constitution, and his wife, Dolley, is located amid the beauty of Virginia's lush Piedmont.
The 2650-acre estate is nestled in the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, four miles south of Orange, Virginia. 

Absolutely love the stamp! 

Thank you, Jeni!

Private Swap - Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

This is a 4th new territory for my collection this week!

The city of Saint-Pierre

Thank you, Isabelle!

Private Swap - Fiji

And yet another new country to my collection!

Takia (Canoe), Fiji Islands
These small outrigger canoes are not a common sight in the waters around Fiji but are extremely fast and when handled skilfully amongst the lagoon coral heads, are a memorable sight.

Thank you, Anu!

Private Swap - Greenland

Another new territory for my collection!

Seal in Greenlandic waters.

Isn't the stamp just super cute!?

Thank you, Rosmarie!

Private Swap - Åland Islands

A new territory for my collection!

Katrin attended the Postcrossing meeting in Åland Islands so my card is signed by all the participants. 

Thank you, Katrin!

Private Swap - Canada

Banff National Park Crowfoot Mountain reflects in the still waters of Bow Lake.
Joanna says that the Banff National Park is Canada's oldest national park established in 1885.  Together with other national parks that form Canadien Rocky Mountains Parks, it was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. 

I love when the card comes with lots of stamps! The garden one with flowers is my favorite!

Thank you, Joanna!

Private Swap - Belgium

A card showing four generations of the Royal family posing for special 90th birthday stamps. Love this card!

And the stamp is featuring the King Philippe of the Belgians.

Thank you, Coraline!

#334 Germany

A super interesting card from Germany showing some statistics from Stuttgart.
Cars like Porsche and Daimler are manufactured in Stuttgart.

Thank you, Michael!

Private Swap - Czech Republic

A map card from the Czech Republic!

 The stamp is really beautiful!

Thank you, Lucie!

#333 Taiwan

An official Postcrossing card from northern Taiwan showing a rock formation called The Queen's Head.

Thank you, YiYun!