RR #37 Poland


Kashuby is a region of Poland located in the North, to the West of the city of Gdansk - the capital of Pomerania. The first part of Kashubia, called Norda, is located in the north. This area possesses a varied and scenically impressive section of the coastline. Its golden beaches, dunes, and fresh sea breeze easily capture tourist attention. The picturesque towns on the coastline - Jurata, Chalupy, Jastarnia and Hel seated in Hel Peninsula were originally the centre of the fishing industry.

The Kashubians live in a territory that includes the ex province of Gdansk, the ex province of Slupsk and the northern part of the ex province of Bydgoszcz. Today Kashubia is populated by approximately half a million native Kashubians. The beauty of the region, however, has attracted many people from other parts of Poland to settle there. Many Kashubians also live abroad. For various reasons-economic or political-many Kashubians now live in Western Europe, Canada, and the United States. (source)

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