Private Swap - Kenya


The Republic of Kenya is a country in East Africa, made up of 42 different ethnic tribes. Kenya has numerous wildlife reserves, containing thousands of animal species. The capital city is Nairobi. Kenya's area is 580,000 km2 with a population of nearly 39 million which is diverse: more than 40 different ethnic groups are present. The country is named after Mount Kenya, a significant landmark and second among Africa's highest mountain peaks. (source)

Samburu tribe is closely related to the Maasai (the Maasai and Samburu language are 95% the same). They live in northern Kenya and form ony 0.5% of the population. The name they use for themselves is Loikop or Lokop. They are semi-nomadic and their lives revolve around their goats, sheep, cows and camels. They usually stay somewhere for about 5 weeks, in groups of 5 or 10 families, and then move on to new pastures. Most Samburu dress traditionally, with bright red clothes, multi-beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets. (source)


Suur aitäh Janika!

Janika is a girl from Estonia, but living in Kenya at the moment. If you are interested in her life in Kenya, take a look at her blog: