Private Swap - USA


Glade Creek Grist Mill, Babcock State Park. Glade Creek rushes through a rocky canyon creating waterfalls. The operational Glade Creek Grist Mill is one of the most photographed scenes in the USA. (card)


California State Capitol. The magnificent California State Capitol Building was built in 1874 and underwent a massive restoration that was completed in 1982. Included in the Capitol Building are seven historic museum rooms depicting state government at the turn of the century. (card)


Sloss Furnaces Museum. These iron smelting furnaces were built by James Withers Sloss in 1881 and marked the beginning of Birmingham’s growth in the iron industry. Economic development followed so rapidly that Birmingham became known as “The Magic City”. The Sloss Furnaces were closed in 1971 and were turned into a city museum in 1983. (card)


The Peace tower is four 37m columns  each depicting people from the four corners of the world joining together to form two allied but distinct nations, with a common base of beliefs and democracy. The base of the tower portrays the North American Continent, independent from the rest of the world but joined but commerce. The height of the tower depicts the spirit and hope of people rising to unrestricted heights. The tower is situated in International Peace Garden in North Dakota. (card)


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