Christmas Greetings from Estonia


The Angel’s Bridge, located on Toome hill (Estonia), was built in the 19th century and spans Lossi Street. The name is thought to come from a linguistic twist - part of the hill is landscaped like an English garden and the words "English"(inglise) and Angel (ingel) are nearly the same in Estonian.

Local tradition says that when crossing it, you should hold your breath and make a wish! (source)

When I cross the bridge I take a deep breath and start walking, but as the bridge is quite long, I always en up running the last part Lai naeratus


Aitäh Piret!


  1. Oh kui kena kaart, sellist ei olegi näinud! Ja ma pole ammu üle inglisilla jooksnud, see on muidu väga ilus traditsioon. :) Head uut aastat!


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