Private Swap - Guyana


Guyana is a sovereign state on the northern coast of South America. Guyana was a former colony of the Dutch and of the British. It’s capital and largest city is Georgetown. Guyana is one of the very few Caribbean nations that is not an island. Guyana achieved independence from the United Kingdom on 26 May 1966, and became a republic on 23 February 1970. (source)


The flag of Guyana, known as The Golden Arrowhead, has been the national flag of Guyana since May 1966 when the country became independent from the United Kingdom.

The proportions of the national flag are 3:5. The colours are symbolic, with green for agriculture and forests, white for rivers and water, gold for mineral wealth, black for endurance, and red for zeal and dynamism. (source)



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#283 Russia

scan0175*Painting by Irina Esinevich (paper, watercolor) 2011
The Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps, also known simply as the Artillery Museum, is a state-owned military museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Its collections, consisting of Russian military equipment, uniforms and decorations, are hosted in the Kronverk (a crownwork) of the Peter and Paul Fortress situated on the right bank of the Neva near Alexander Park. The museum is managed by the Russian Ministry of Defense. (source)
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#282 Germany


Can’t believe that I actually found the webpage of this Jazz club/Restaurant. You can check yourself:


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#281 USA

Another beautiful and snowy Christmas card, this time from USA.
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Private Swap - Tunisia


I’m so happy to add a new flag card to my collection!

The Tunisian flag was originally adopted between 1831 and 1835, making Tunisia's flag one of the world's oldest flags. The current version of the Tunisian flag was adopted on July 3, 1999.

Red is a traditional color of Islam and it also came to represent resistance against Turkish supremacy. The crescent and star are traditional symbols of Islam and are also considered to be lucky symbols. The white circle represents the sun.

Even though Tunisia resisted against the Ottoman Empire and Turkish rule, the Tunisian flag is very similar to the Turkish flag. (source)


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Private Swap - Saudi Arabia


Al-Masjid al-Ḥarām is the largest mosque in the world. Located in the city of Makkah, it surrounds the Kaaba, the place which Muslims worldwide turn towards while performing daily prayers and is Islam's holiest place. The mosque is also known as the Grand Mosque. It can accommodate up to four million Muslim worshipers during the Hajj period, one of the largest annual gatherings of people in the world. (source)

Saudi Arabia is the largest state in Western Asia by land area, constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia has an area of approximately 2,149,690 km2, and it has an estimated population of 27 million. It’s capital and largest city is Riyadh. Saudi Arabia has the world's second largest oil reserves and is the world's second largest oil exporter. (source)


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Christmas Card


Cute snowman bringing some presents!

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#280 Russia


Late Birthday wishes from Russia!


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Private Swap - Namibia


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this amazing map card from Namibia in my mailbox!

Namibia is a country in southern Africa whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean. It gained independence from South Africa on 21 March 1990, following the Namibian War of Independence. Its capital and largest city is Windhoek. Namibia has a population of 2.1 million people and a stable multi-party parliamentary democracy.

Agriculture, herding, tourism and the mining industry form the backbone of Namibia's economy. After Mongolia it is the second least densely populated country in the world. Approximately half the population live below the international poverty line, and the nation has suffered heavily from the effects of HIV/AIDS, with 15% of the adult population infected with HIV in 2007. (source)


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A Christmas Card from Estonia


A cute Christmas card from Malle from Estonia!


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Private Swap - Cuba


A prepaid postcard from Cuba! A new country for my collection! Naeratus

The Republic of Cuba is an island country in the Caribbean. Havana is the largest city in Cuba and the country's capital. In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed on and claimed the island now occupied by Cuba, for the Kingdom of Spain.

Cuba is home to over 11 million people and is the most populous island nation in the Caribbean, as well as the largest by area. Cuba has a 99.8% literacy rate, an infant death rate lower than some developed countries, and an average life expectancy of 77.64. In 2006, Cuba was the only nation in the world which met the WWF's definition of sustainable development. (source)


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Private Swap - Transnistria


Transnistria is a breakaway territory located mostly on a strip of land between the Dniester River and the eastern Moldovan border to Ukraine.

Transnistria-mapvia Wikipedia

Tiraspol is the second largest city in Moldova and is the capital and administrative centre of the unrecognized PMR. Tiraspol is a regional hub of light industry, such as furniture and electrical goods production. (source)

Since its declaration of independence in 1990, and especially after the War of Transnistria in 1992, it is governed as the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR, also known as "Pridnestrovie"), an unrecognized state which claims the territory to the east of the river Dniester, the city of Bender and its surrounding localities located on the west bank.

The Republic of Moldova does not recognize the secession and considers PMR to be part of Moldova's autonomous region of Stînga Nistrului ("Left Bank of the Dniester"). (source)


The stamps of Transnistria are not recognized outside the country and are valid only for domestic service within Transnistria. International mail and mail to the rest of Moldova requires Moldavian stamps. (source)

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San Marino - Private Swap


A card from San Marino. Sent on 19/11/2011. Have no idea who sent it. Naeratus


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#279 Belarus


A snowy Christmas greeting from Belarus!


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#278 Great Britain


Cornwall is a unitary authority and ceremonial county of England, within the United Kingdom. Cornwall has a population of 537,400, and covers an area of 3,563 km2. The administrative centre and only city is Truro.

Cornwall's unique culture, spectacular landscape and mild climate make it a popular tourist destination, despite being somewhat distant from the United Kingdom's main centres of population. Surrounded on three sides by the English Channel and Celtic Sea, Cornwall has many miles of beaches and cliffs. (source)


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#277 Taiwan


Taiwan cherry, Wuling, Taichung. You can see some pink cherry flowers on the ground.

The Taiwanese cherry is a deciduous tree that grows up to 8m high. Its leaves are serrated, thin, and cherry-like. The flowers are deep pink, bell-shaped in clusters and it has shiny scarlet fruit 1cm across from October to December. (source)


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#276 Netherlands


Great wooden clog shaped card from Netherlands!


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#275 Japan


A card from my favorites!

The national flag of Japan is a white rectangular flag with a large red disk (representing the sun) in the center. This flag is officially called Nisshōki ("sun-mark flag") in Japanese, but is more commonly known as Hinomaru ("circle of the sun"). (source)


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#274 USA


Tomoko Miho. American, born 1931. 65 Bridges to New York. 1986. Offset lithograph and silkscreen. The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Tomoko Miho (1931) is a Japanese-American designer and recipient of the 1993 Aiga Medal. She is known for her solid understanding between space and object. Miho is noted for her contribution in the form of architectural posters in New York and Chicago. Today, they are still in the Museum of Modern Art. (source)


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#273 Ukraine


Lviv is a city in western Ukraine. The city is regarded as one of the main cultural centres of today's Ukraine and historically has also been a major Polish and Jewish cultural center. The historic city centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. (source)


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Private Swap - Japan


The Imperial House of Japan or the Yamato Dynasty, comprises those members of the extended family of the reigning Emperor of Japan who undertake official and public duties. The Japanese monarchy is the oldest continuous hereditary monarchy in the world. (source)

Akihito (1933) is the current Emperor of Japan, the 125th emperor of his line according to Japan's traditional order of succession. He acceded to the throne in 1989.

On 10 April 1959, he married Michiko Shōda (1934). The new Crown Princess was the first commoner to marry into the imperial family. The Emperor and the Empress have three children. (source)


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From a friend


A beautiful Christmas card is sold in aid of Diabetes UK. The charity for people with diabetes.scan0137

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